Irish Travellers

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Irish Travellers

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There was an important thread posted in Town Hall:

It referred to Irish Travellers. I have in the past moderated some references to the pejorative terms applied to this community. I shall do so again. But what of the term Irish Traveller?

Irish Traveller is different being the official and self referential name given to this community whether they be Irish citizens or not. Hence if they were Irish Travellers it is correct to use that term rather than just Travellers. It does, of course, get misunderstood and there was one inappropriate response on deportation. (for one explanation go here: ... 839AAu3Z2Z).

At the time of the original posting I wondered if there was a better way of expressing it. However the post was a cry of desperation from someone who apparently had just lost their home, belongings and threatened with violence. They, despite, what had happened did not blame the community only the loopholes these particular members of it had exploited. I'm sure not all here would have been able to do that.

Hence I thought it impertinent to moderate those heartfelt comments in any way. Such offence that can be taken from the original post is, I feel, not of the same order of what happened to the poster and, on balance, should be allowed. I hope those taking offence can live with that.

I have moved the stuff about Irish nationality etc to Town Pub and you are free to question my decision and add your comments on it here.


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