Windows 7 EOL next week

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Windows 7 EOL next week

Post by stuart »

Just a reminder to the 27% or so still running Windows 7 that support ends next Tuesday 14th January. After that no security patches (unless you pay for them). Hence it will rapidy become unsafe if connected to the internet and a threat to us all. Windows 7 users have a choice:

* Disconnect from the internet and all internet connected devices or just cross your fingers
* Up/downgrade to Win10 - ... -for-free/
* Switch to Linux - ... inux-mint/
* Buy a new PC

If you decide to dump your old Win 7 PC/laptop - please consider donating it to a person/organisation that could give it a useful afterlife running faster, smoother and more safely with Linux.

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Re: Windows 7 EOL next week

Post by mburdett555 »

My mother's laptop doesn't even support windows 10, it's so cheap.
Upgraded my old windows 7 one when windows 10 came out but regretted it, it just became so slow I ended up installing Zorin OS, that was reasonably quicker.
Few weeks ago in black Friday sale j bought a nice cheap laptop about £200 but has an SSD, im really blown away by how fast it starts. It's not great for games etc as only has 4gb ram and 2 CPU at 2.3ghz but is super fast starting up and nice and speedy for me to manage my website etc
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