Concerning Chris Beach

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Re: Concerning Chris Beach

Post by JGD »

Reflecting on your point - I have no idea what was in my mind when I chose to post on this thread.

An unconscious link back to the .life post you had made?

Or just a brain block?

Must do better.
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Re: Concerning Chris Beach

Post by stuart »

No, it's a delightful diversion of topic JGD.

I thought the webinar was quite good. I was only alarmed by the GP panel - weren't they are looking younger than even policepersons these days? No smoking pipes and doing their rounds in a Rover 90 methinks. Why even young radical "take no prisoners" Dr Finlay wore a three piece suit. But there we go, they didn't have Zoom or concept to market vaccines in under a year. So it's welcome progress. If only they could also invent a mirror that didn't age.

Stuart :cry:
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