An hour out?

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An hour out?

Post by alywin »

I was surprised to see that I'd allegedly posted something on February 15th, when as far as I know it's still (just) St. Valentine's Day. Does the forum clock need resetting?
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Re: An hour out?

Post by stuart »

No, it's you that needs re-setting Alywin :)

The timezone/daylight settings are in your user profile and not reset automatically. The system time is correct. Just logout and on the frontpage you should see "It is currently 15 Feb 2021 12:11 or whatever". Log back in and if it's different it's because you have selected the wrong timezone or got your daylight saving mis-set.

You can adjust them there or wait for BST to arrive. Only just over a month away - Hooray!!!

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Re: An hour out?

Post by JGD »

I have observed that if you choose to peruse the forum without logging in, the times can also be affected by this one hour variance at certain times of the year.

To be clear, if you view posts without logging in you will see one time of posting (at those certain times of year), however if you login it is entirely possible you will see an adjusted time.

Presumably this occurs as the user profile adjustment does not happen until you actually login?

I am so glad this thread is in The Asylum.
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