Crystal Palace: Trustees and Vases

The History of Sydenham from Cippenham to present day. Links to photos especially welcome!

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Crystal Palace: Trustees and Vases

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I'm a PhD history student and I am hoping someone can aid my research of the post-fire Crystal Palace.

1) How many trustees were there at a single time--25 or so?

2) After the grounds became overgrown by the 1950s, the curator of the Crystal Palace Museum told me that many of the statues and vases fell victim to vandalism. So, the LCC chose to sell some items because getting some money for them was better than letting folks damage them. Bing Crosby purchased some of the vases located at the site in 1956 for race track in southern California. I was originally told the venue was Santa Anita Park, but the staff there did not know anything of such a purchase, and they suggested I ask Del Mar. Has anyone held of this episode before?

3) I'm curious to know more about a May 1938 meeting hosted by the Sydenham Chamber of Commerce, where representatives of other borough chambers of commerce south of the Thames were invited. The purpose was to pressure the trustees into giving some sort of idea of what would be done with the site. I have had little luck in locating a Sydenham Chamber of Commerce. Has another chamber assumed the records of the 1938 Sydenham CofC?

Thanks so much on any and all questions you can help with.

David Strittmatter
University at Buffalo, New York

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