Crash on Sydenham Road

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Crash on Sydenham Road

Post by simon »

Looks as if there was a very serious accident at the junction of Newlands Park and Sydenham Road. I say accident but there only appears to be once car involved and it looks burned out? When I drove past at 2.45 the car was surrounded by police tape. Does anyone know what happened? I think it was a BMW and I understand that some models have been recalled as there have been cases of them spontaneously bursting into flames.

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Re: Crash on Sydenham Road

Post by Blushingsnail »

Was the car there today? There was a car on fire there last night (flames coming from the engine, one fire engine in attendance and people allowed to walk past - presumably no danger of the car exploding!). That was about 8.30pm

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Re: Crash on Sydenham Road

Post by Jollylolly »

Yes it’s the same car. Still there!

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Re: Crash on Sydenham Road

Post by syenhamboy »

such curtain twitchers

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Re: Crash on Sydenham Road

Post by chrisj1948 »

One of my stepsons filmed the event from our upper bedroom. It looked pretty dramatic. The woman & child in the car were OK. Fire was extinguished after 10 mins at about 8:20pm. The continuing presence of the burned wreck in the outer lane at the Newlands Park lights is interesting. I guess the driver has not made arrangements to have it towed away. It means that the buses turning left into Newlands Park cannot move out to swing round the corner, and thus are blocked in mid-turn whenever a car has stopped in the cycle box on Newlands Park, which is very often the case. It leads to some interesting stand-offs with the traffic behind the bus now completely blocked because of the wreck in the outer lane. Hours of harmless fun for us curtain twitchers :-)


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Re: Crash on Sydenham Road

Post by The Clown »

This happened to my sister once on the M20 motorway. It was a good few years ago, and an old car, but it it did just ignite whilst she was driving - Suddenly she couldn’t see anything for the smoke, and pulled over. Thankfully a gentleman pulled over too and told her to quickly get out. In her case, the police were on the scene very quickly and put it out.

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