Applause for the NHS

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Applause for the NHS

Post by JGD »

Large numbers at their front doors on Perry Hill.

And in Bell Green.

Traffic tooting in support.

Well done our NHS !!!
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Re: Applause for the NHS

Post by syd »

Kent House Road was great!!
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Re: Applause for the NHS

Post by Parker1970 »

I live opposite the greyhound and many were out clapping or at their windows. Car drivers tooting horns, passengers clapping and whooping. It was a very emotional experience. What a shame that it has taken this crisis for everyone to appreciate each other and those that care for us.
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Re: Applause for the NHS

Post by JMLF »

Byne Road and surroundings started off with claps and pumped up into woops and cowbells!
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