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Primary Schools Advice

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We are moving to the area from another london borough and my son will be starting Year 1 in Sept. We are going to be living very close to St Barths, but i'm not super keen on religious schools, so I am thinking I will try to get him into Kelvin Grove - the closest state school. Just wondering of peoples knowledge/experience of either schools. Is St Barths particularly religious? Any insight on either/both would be really appreciated.

I also have a little one (2.5) I need to try to get into Nursery, if there are recommendation on good ones that aren't completely oversubscribed? Thank you!
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Re: Primary Schools Advice

Post by monkeyarms »

Our son goes to St Barts. And we're not at all relgious.
The amount of religion at St Barts seems fairly minimal. We got a bit of God and Jesus references from him during Reception but much less in Year 1 and Year 2. I've made it clear to him from the start that I think of stories about God and Jesus as just stories - like the stories in Ninjago or Star Wars - and that I don't believe in God. He seemed to cope with that fine. Haven't had much God-bothering in recent times, but then again we've had lockdown so hard to remember.
Over overall experience of St Barts has been positive. I hear good things about Kelvin Grove. I'm sure your son will do fine both educationally and socially at either. Kelvin Grove has quite a small catchment area as I recall, though that might be different now.

When do open days start? Are they possible given lockdown? I would base my decision on open day visits. On the open day at St Barts, I really liked the Head and her attitude.
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