ghost stories of sydenham?

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Juwlz wrote:Lemonade
Did you ask the occupiers of the house (the non-spirit ones) if they'd ever seen anything unusual?
Hello Juwlz
No, for fear of ridicule I didn't mention a word to anyone.
OK call me chicken, but I hope for some extra work from the house owner and any mention of a ghost may lessen my chances.
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Can we resurrect this topic - there must be more stories since 2005, and more new members.

I don't have a ghost story, but the Whetherspoons pub in Kirkdale (is it the Windmill?) is sure weird! I've gone there with my mum on a few occasions and we're both petrified of the female's toilets. Sounds mad, but my mum's not really into ghosts and not known to blow things out of proportion - and we both feel a horrible presence in there. I can't put my finger on it, but it's like someone's watching you, and not a nice someone!!! Or should I say 'something'... :twisted:
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Some few years back, almost at the top of that long walk up from Sydenham hill station which comes out opposite the Wood House pub a guy commited suicide by putting a shotgun cartride into a bit of pipe, putting one end to his head and whacking the other end with a hammer, crude but messily effective.
Don`t know if his ghost is about, but think of it when you are walking up there one dark night and you`ll certainly get a shiver down your back.

slightly off topic, is the shortest scariest ghost story, The last man alive after the end of the world, is sitting in his house, and then there's a knock at the door.....
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...hello Johovas Witnesses, want to buy watchtower...
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Anyone know if Bombay Hall is haunted?

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Re: ghost stories of sydenham?

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Hi Leaf!

So I went to sydenham girls which is in Dartmouth road back in 2003/2008!!
There was sightings of a ghost not by me even though I did always used to have a chill in school! Wouldn’t be in a room by myself that’s for sure! 🤷🏽‍♀️

We was told by countless peers that heard it from teachers that a few years before I joined the school that a few different teenagers in different circumstances committed suicide in one of the buildings by one by jumping out of a window! A few suicides has happened which always gave me the creeps when I heard this aswell as deep sadness aswell!! We also got told a there’s a few spirits there and they roam the halls at night! Whether it’s true or not,I don’t know.

I saw earlier that someone said something about a nun! I’ve also heard that from a few people!

Just thought I’ll give a few of my stories!!

Put it this way! I was always creeped out about that school growing up and my primary school which wasn’t in sydenham but we actually heard a spirit in my primary school and was told there was a fire back in the 70s/80s and a few died including a little girl in the attic 😔 We had a sleepover at the school and that same night decided to go up in the attic at midnight as you do as a 10 year old thinking nothing of it 🙄 And we got the fright of our life when the piano started playing by itself! Safe to say we never slept that night 😂!! I’m not curious anymore that’s for sure 😂! Also saw my grandad after he passed twice (in the primary school) I don’t see anything as a grown up so might be more perceptive to it as a child I’m guessing! I do feel like someone is watching sometimes though x
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