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Lidl Cycling

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Lidl this week submitted a transport plan addendum to their Southend Lane redevelopment to Lewisham Council. It has very laudable plans to accommodate anyone cycling to their new store, viz:

High -quality cycle parking will be provided at convenient and visible locations within the site
and uptake will be monitored;
● Changing facilities will be provided within the foodstore available to all members of staff;
● Employees will be made aware of free cycle training courses available from the local authority ;
● The TPC will raise awareness of the health benefits of cycling;
● All employees will be provided with a Travel Pack which will include maps of local cycle routes
and information; and
● The TPC will encourage participation in national cycle events such as bike week.
● Customers will also be provided with high quality cycle parking at convenient and visible
locations within the site.
● Customers will also be made aware of free cycle training courses availa ble from the local
authority, through the use of a noticeboard.

Except have you ever tried to cycle there? Parking your bike is not the problem. As a Lewisham cycle instructor confirmed to me - there is no safe way to cycle Southend Lane - except, perhaps, on the pavement!

1) There is no safe or protected way to cycle across the Bell Green gyratory.

2) The dual carriageway has been narrowed to one lane either side with the other lane been given car-parking (though they could have provided off-road parking in front of the houses). Riding at least 1 metre out from the parked cars (to avoid being doored) leaves insufficient room for motor traffic to safely pass. Indeed the correct riding position is to ride in the middle of the lane so no one can attempt it.

3) The ascent from the gyratory to Lidl means most of us will be labouring hard and slowly - much below 20mph which understandably makes many following drivers frustrated building antipathy to active travel.

4) The road condition is abysmal with long ridges and cushions which can easily throw you if you don't pay careful attention.

All these are intentional hazards made deliberately by Lewisham Council. AFAIK there is no plan to remedy them. That's why cyclists avoid this route and why, if I have to go to that store, I reluctantly drive - not ride. Hence Lewisham requiring this planning and cost of infrastructure that Lidl are required to provide will be almost a complete waste.

And complete hypocrisy from Lewisham.

</rant> ... 239208.pdf
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