Venner Road

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Venner Road

Post by OliviaL »

Hi All. My partner and I are hoping to move to Sydenham as we really love the area :-)
I would be super grateful for insights on Venner Road running parallel to the railtracks. Is it very noisy? The houses which go on sale on Venner Road seem to be on the market for ages / go at a discount. Thank you so much!
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Re: Venner Road

Post by alywin »

Which set of tracks are you talking about - the Sydenham-Penge West ones, or the Penge East-Sydenham Hill ones? I can't speak from personal experience of having either of them down the back of my garden, but certainly from the opposite side of the road I can't think there'd be a problem.

As for house prices, well, the fact is that certain local estate agents tend initially to overestimate what a house will fetch, hence the dropped prices. Venner has always been highly in demand because of its location between two different stations, and its general quietness. Not to mention that quite a few of the properties along there are rental of one sort or another, so it's relatively rare to have ones coming up for sale. Pre-pandemic, if you put a flat on the market you'd almost certainly have several offers within a matter of days: I know various people that has happened to.
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