stanton way industrial estate - to be a self storage unit??

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lower syders
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stanton way industrial estate - to be a self storage unit??

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hi all,

sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but i was trying to find out on the net what they are building on the stanton way industrial estate opposite the savacentre, one link suggested it was going to be for a self storage unit?? anyone heard anything?

(really hoping its not going to be big, bright and yellow!!)
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Post by MartinH »

Big, yes. Yellow, yes. Macdonalds I'm afraid.
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Post by parker »

MartinH wrote:Big, yes. Yellow, yes. Macdonalds I'm afraid.
Dont knock it, its economic progress isnt it?
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Post by Richie »

is that confirmed? If so it might bring a bit more life to that end of Sydenham, thought it won't be to everyones taste.
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Post by Blushingsnail »

Planning permission was given for a self-storage facility. Don't know the name of the company though.

Edited to say: Access Self-Storage. Info on Lewisham's planning website here: ... mkey=55055
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Post by nasaroc »

This application was passed earlier this year. It's for a conservatively designed building to be run by Access Self-Storage and is sited in the middle of the roundabout at Bell Green in place of what is now a tatty-looking yard.

This is a new industrial building in the middle of an industrial zone.

I welcome this development.
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Post by Eagle »

Indystrial estates used to mean producing manufactured goods.

How are we going to pay of the UK's debts id all industry turned into retail and storage of imported products
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