plumber recommendation?

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Re: plumber recommendation?

Post by alywin »

Ooh, thanks for that. Would hate to lose touch with her (yes, that's another recommendation!)

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Re: plumber recommendation?

Post by iatsam »

Can also recommend Carrie Andrews from Plummy Plumbers ( She fixed a leaking bathroom basin with no fuss, within the quote and at a reasonable price.

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Re: plumber recommendation?

Post by cyclesteve »

Just had some work done by Carrie of Plummy Plumbers and I have to say she was a joy to be with. Very reasonable rates, very straightforward explanation of the problem (which to a simpleton like me was handy) and solved our issue with the water pressure there and then. Carrie definitely gets my recommendation.

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Re: plumber recommendation?

Post by naomi »

I would highly recommend Carrie from
Lovely lady, great plumber, very good rates. Naomi

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Re: plumber recommendation?

Post by mikest1999 »

Another vote for Carrie of Plummy Plumbers. She answers calls promptly, turns up on time, works quickly and efficiently and doesn't play loud music (although she sometimes likes to listen to Radio Three). Highly recommended.

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Re: plumber recommendation?

Post by paddyh »

I'd also recommend Carrie. Fixed a toilet for me a few weeks ago and was really good and friendly.

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Re: plumber recommendation?

Post by AEGGould »

Can echo all of the above messages about Carrie. We called her at 9am and she came round by 1pm and resolved the airlock problem in our pipes in half an hour. She was friendly and I would not hesitate to call her up again.

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Re: plumber recommendation?

Post by Juwlz »

Carrie of Plummy Plumbers = Best. Plumber. Ever. :D

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Re: plumber recommendation?

Post by alexkjn »

Another one for Carrie of Plummy Plumbers - she did a great, speedy job and was such a pleasure to deal with - totally recommend! :D

Tim Sands
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Re: plumber recommendation?

Post by Tim Sands »

I can recommend Rick of RickPlumb247 07860 633220

I had a burst pipe, he was here in an hour, fixed really quickly and very reasonable price. Really friendly, and helpfully showed me another couple of things in our pipework while he was here.

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Re: plumber recommendation?

Post by IanP »

All up for

Guy called Bob there who did an excellent job of power flushing our heating system. Pretty sure he does plumbing too.

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Re: plumber recommendation?

Post by maestro »

I've had a slight leak from the mains stopcock, I very much prefer to use someone locally recommended, so I consulted this thread and on Friday evening I emailed the very obvious choice, the plumber who has been continually highly praised on here. I explained in my brief email what the problem was, that it wasn't an emergency and I would be around for the next week until I travel back up North. I gave my address and directions as to exactly where the property is i.e. directly the other side of Lower Sydenham railway bridge from the large Sainsbury's. I received an email back stating "Sorry I can't help because I don't cover SE6." I was rather taken aback and assumed that there must be some misunderstanding as to just where I am. So I emailed back and explained that I'd contacted them because they were highly recommended on the Sydenham Town Forum, that their website states the areas they work includes Sydenham and that whilst I am in the SE6 postal area, I am only by a matter of 50 yards, but as this seemed to be an issue, then not to worry as I'll contact someone else. I received an email back stating, I quote......

My website states the areas I work in "INCLUDE" rather than "COVER" and it lists the post codes that I work in and that's what I tend to stick to.


I could have totally understood if this was an emergency situation but it wasn't. I could have totally understood if I was a long way from the listed areas on their website but 50yds from a postal area where the individual has been continually praised on here certainly isn't.

So sticking to my policy of only ever employing someone who is recommended, I made a phone call yesterday morning to Progas on Sydenham Road and asked if they could recommend a general plumber. They gave me the number of Gary Cridge who I made contact with, explained the problem (NOT an emergency remember) and said he'd call to see me on Tuesday morning, which was fine. I did say to him that if he had anything change or cancel and he wanted to come sooner then just to let me know and I'll make sure I'm at the property. He then phoned me at about 3pm yesterday and said he was just finishing a job in Forest Hill so asked me if he could come straight away, which he did. Result....... problem sorted in minutes and with an entirely reasonable call-out charge, even on a Saturday! I asked him if he'd like to be mentioned on this forum and if he's happy doing work anywhere around this area which he said he certainly is (it would have been nice to have given the first plumber I contacted yet another positive endorsement on here but that obviously wasn't going to be possible). He does anything involving general plumbing ie. kitchen and bathroom jobs, leaks, all except central heating repairs.

Gary Cridge (general plumber) 07735 000153

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