Any decent Local Railing Companies?

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Any decent Local Railing Companies?

Post by TommyP »

I was wondering whether anyone knows of any local railing companies as we are looking at taking down the rather shabby brick wall in front of our house and getting black metal railings but in to smarten up the whole look.
Would be great to hear from anyone that might have any decent recommendations about who possibly to use locally that could do a great job.
Thanks for your time.

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Re: Any decent Local Railing Companies?

Post by mosy »

Crikey, a tricky one for domestic railings. I did a temp job for a company years ago in Deptford, SE8, who supplied metal furniture for parks or street furniture. As yours would need to be custom (tailor made to fit) it'd be an expensive one-off whoever did it. You could try the scrap metal merchant in Lower Sydenham as they might have some contact ideas, or contact some of those listed from my search on Deptford that turned up this Yell listing: ... &pageNum=2

Railings are a nuisance actually as rubbish can drift in as can small furry creatures which poo plus always remind me of institutional establishments. FWIW I rather like those brick balcony-style (i.e. scalloped) retaining walls. Can get lots of different colour/textures of bricks so doesn't have to be the London red brick sort.

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