154-158 Sydenham Road

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Re: 154-158 Sydenham Road

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Thank you Growsydenham, ill waste an hour or two on the lewisham planning portal tomorrow finding all the information - i find its very detailed, just slow to load

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Re: 154-158 Sydenham Road

Post by JayB »

I do not know a single neighbour who neither knows nor cares what ward they live in. In contrast, it seems to be bordering on an obsession with one poster on here.What matters to most people is what is going on in their immediate vecinity, regardless if it is in the same ward or them or accross an arbitary political boundary. No wonder most of us have disengaged from the political process.

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Re: 154-158 Sydenham Road

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Passport to Pimlico.....

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Re: 154-158 Sydenham Road

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JRW wrote:Passport to Pimlico.....
Pleased to find a matter of agreement - an excellent movie - and of its genre and in its time bettered only perhaps by the original Whisky Galore followed by The Maggie in third place.

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Re: 154-158 Sydenham Road

Post by KEVD »


Workman have been onsite for the last few days. Hopefully the work will start soon.


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Re: 154-158 Sydenham Road

Post by SydenhamOwl »

Anyone know if there is any update to this. I walk past it every day but no sign of life (or building works) in there.

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