advice about wasp nest

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advice about wasp nest

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I was cleaning some ivy in my garden and disturbed what I suspect is a wasp nest. Its a hole in the ground where there is a lot of activity. I was bitten - not stung by one and another got my dog. I don't like the idea of having them exterminated. My understanding is that they do pollenate plants so they must be helpful.
I thought I would put something around it like old garden chairs to keep the dogs away. My concern is what will happen to them. Will they leave in the winter, or dye off?
I'd prefer them to find a different home next year.

Any advice and thoughts would be very appreciated.
Thank you

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Re: advice about wasp nest

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Sounds like a bumble bee nest - they often have nests in the ground. I don't think wasps do that.

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Re: advice about wasp nest

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I'd suggest you have an expert take a look. My son when young was almost stung when he retrieved a golf ball from a dent in the grass on a golf course, that turned out to be a wasp nest since many flew out!

I was stung once by a wasp and my whole leg swelled up, so I personally wouldn't take any chances.

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Re: advice about wasp nest

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Yes, get expert advice. If they are wasps, they can be removed (which would be safest). If they are ground bees, they need to be protected.

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