Recommend a garage for MOT?

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Recommend a garage for MOT?

Post by JMLF »

As the title says - anyone used Sydenham Autos on Newlands Park? (Prob just about closest one for us) Any recommendations nearby would be great.


Spark plug
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Re: Recommend a garage for MOT?

Post by Spark plug »

Had my brake pads changed there,really cheap £40,I supplied parts.As for MOT Test I recommend Knightons opposite Lidl.

Dom Johnston
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Re: Recommend a garage for MOT?

Post by Dom Johnston »

It's a little further away near Peckham Rye station, but I HIGHLY recommend south london clutch and gear box centre. I've been using them for a few years now for service and MOTs, never had any issues with them. Really trustworthy garage, that's why I still drive over there. Railway Arch, 200 Bellenden Rd, London SE15 4QJ

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Re: Recommend a garage for MOT?

Post by FauxMensch2106 »

we always used Dartmouth Road Garage, can't recommend them highly enough.

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Re: Recommend a garage for MOT?

Post by stuart »

Kevin, Kevin & Kevin at Knighton Motors.


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Re: Recommend a garage for MOT?

Post by simon »

Any Volvo owners would do well to use Dundalk Motors in Brockley. Good work at a fraction of the cost of a Volvo dealer. Knighton Motors for non-specialist and MOTs.

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