Earlesthorpe/Thorpes - schools help please!

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Earlesthorpe/Thorpes - schools help please!

Post by SydSophie » 11 Aug 2019 07:06

Hi there. I’d really appreciate some help on local primary schools. We’ve fallen in love with a house on Earlesthorpe Road but struggling to work out what good primary school options our daughter (now 3) would have. We live in Peckham at the moment so don’t know the area all that well (but really like what we’ve seen). It’s just the school situation that’s worrying me as this part of Sydenham seems to be a bit of a black spot. Does anyone know where kids living on the Thorpes streets go to school? I’ve requested distance data from the council but imagine it will take a while to come through! Thanks so much.

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Re: Earlesthorpe/Thorpes - schools help please!

Post by mikej » 12 Aug 2019 17:09

I'm not sure why no one has replied to your query, but have a look at this website which shows the location of primaries on a map (you can zero in on Sydenham) and where their catchments have extended to in recent years.
Adamsrill and St Bart's seem to cover your area.

https://www.locrating.com/school_catchm ... hooltype=0

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Re: Earlesthorpe/Thorpes - schools help please!

Post by Jollylolly » 16 Aug 2019 21:07

I know a few people in Thorpes and all at different schools and all happy. Sydenham is great for primary schools, as above poster said check catchments on the map. I’d say you have the choice of most things: Barts, Adamsrill, St Michaels, St Philip Neri. I know people who have kids in all these schools and all happy. Once you go and visit you will know which one is right for your child. The competition for places doesn’t seem AS bad as Peckham/East Dulwich. I moved from there 3.5 years ago. Ask this question on Sydenham mums Facebook group if you haven’t already. I think most folk just look at townhall section here!

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