Missing Cat

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Missing Cat

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Hello Dear people,

I'm writing this post to ask for your help in finding my beloved grey cat. He's 2 years old and goes by the name Oli/Oliver. He was last seen about 1-2 weeks ago in the area near the lower Sydenham train station, more specifically Ridgewell Close road. My family and I are very convinced that he's staying at someones house or someones keeping him locked inside without letting him go. If you've got any friends in that area who've recently found/got a new grey cat could you please send me photo of the cat on: 07392828095.

He looks like a British shorthair but just not as fluffy and quite less chubby. He's got a white dot of hairs on his neck right below his mouth.
If you've got any information and would kindly help us find him please contact me. It will be greatly appreciated and I am extremely sad that he's not home with us.

Also i'm not really sure of how to insert a picture on here so if you do see a grey cat and are unsure if its him or not please text me and i'll happily send you one.
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