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Steve Grindlay
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Listed buildings

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I was delighted to learn that English Heritage recently decided that both Fairlawn School, Honor Oak Road, and High Street Buildings, Kirkdale be listed Grade II.

It is not easy find details of listed the buildings in our area, or the degree of protection that they enjoy. I compiled the following list some time ago, with occasional updates. I know I've missed some buildings, but it is still fairly comprehensive and gives an idea of what are considered the most important buildings in Forest Hill and Sydenham.

Basically, listed buildings fall into two categories: statutorily listed buildings are approved by English Heritage, and need listed building consent "to make alterations to any part of the building, both inside and outside". On the other hand, locally listed buildings have local architectural or historic interest but "their level of protection is very limited and consent is not normally needed for their demolition... [but] the Council will seek to ensure and encourage their preservation and use its powers where possible to protect their character and setting”. Buildings in a conservation area come somewhere between statutory and locally listed buildings with controls to "limit the size of extensions, cladding, alterations to the roof and the installation of satellite dishes ... replacing windows, doors, changing roof coverings or development in front gardens."

Statutorily listed buildings in Forest Hill:
Horniman Museum, Grade II*
Horniman conservatory, forecourt and railings, Grade II
Tewkesbury Lodge Folly, Liphook Crescent, Grade II
Hill House, Honor Oak Road, Grade II
Ashberry Cottage, Honor Oak Road, Grade II
Capitol Cinema, Grade II
Forest Hill Library, Grade II
Telephone boxes outside Capitol, Grade II
Telephone box at junction of Sydenham Hill, Lordship Lane, Grade II
Octagonal pillar boxes in Devonshire Road, Grade II
Telephone box in Devonshire Road, Grade II
101-103 Perry Vale, Grade II
Forest Hill Library, Dartmouth Road, Grade II
Christ Church, South Road, Grade II
Perry Vale Fire Station, Grade II
Fairlawn School, Honor Oak Road, Grade II

Locally listed buildings in Forest Hill:
Devonshire Road sorting office
Boundary posts in Stanstead Road
White House, Westwood Park

Statutorily listed buildings in Sydenham:
Sunnydene, 108 Sydenham Hill, Grade II
The Wood, 16 Sydenham Hill, Grade II
32, Sydenham Hill, Grade II
Lammas Green, Grade II
Eliot Lodge, Kirkdale, Grade II
124-128 Kirkdale, Grade II
Farnborough House, Kirkdale Grade II
12-28 Westwood Hill, Grade II
St Barts Church, Westwood Hill Grade II*
5-11 Jews Walk, Grade II
2-4 Jews Walk, Grade II
Fountain, Jews Walk, Grade II
Old Cedars, Westwood Hill, Grade II
32-34 Sydenham Road Grade II
122-124 Sydenham Road, Grade II
All Saints, Trewsbury Road, Grade II
Livesey Hall, Bell Green, boundary wall & war memorial Grade II
St Antholin's spire, Round Hill Grade II
104 Dartmouth Road, Grade II
Holy Trinity School, Dartmouth Road, Grade II
High Street Buildings, Kirkdale Grade II

Locally listed buildings in Sydenham:
107-109 Dartmouth Road
Phoenix House, Eliot Bank
Property marks, Hillcrest Road
186 Kirkdale
Mount Gardens (Ashtree Cottage, Rouselle Cottage, Lynton Cottage, The Cottage)
Sydenham Hill boundary marks
37-43 Sydenham Park
Property mark, Sydenham Park
3 Redberry Grove
88 Venner Road
The Greyhound, Kirkdale

There are many building not mentioned above that merit some sort of protection. A group called the Lewisham Local History Council (of which I'm a member) is trying to update the local list. Does anyone have suggestions of buildings that might be included on the local list (that are not already in conservation areas)?

I'm posting this on both Sydenham Town and forums as, from an historical point of view, the two districts are congenitally united.
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Tim Lund
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Can we map these?

Post by Tim Lund »


This is the sort of thing where there should be a link to a Google map with markers for where all these buildings are. Anyone want to help set this up?

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Post by admin »

Good work Steve,

Yep I'll be delighted to add a googlemapped page in the Gallery section with a linked photo. Something for the Spring Bank Holiday!

Steve Grindlay
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Post by Steve Grindlay »

A good idea, Tim, and thanks for volunteering, Admin. It might also be useful to mark the conservation areas. They can be found here, although the latest conservation area in Sydenham is not shown.

Incidentally, it has been pointed out to me that I missed the Greyhound off the locally listed buildings so I've added it in italics. I will follow this convention with any other alterations I make.
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Post by chrisj1948 »

32 & 34 Sydenham Road (Grove and Priory Cottages) are Grade II listed. Supposed to be the oldest semi-detached dwellings in London.

Steve Grindlay
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Post by Steve Grindlay »

I knew they were supposed to be listed but I couldn't find them on the NMR Images of England site, so I decided to play safe and not include them.

However, I've recently come across another, quite old, statutory list that does include them, so I've added them to the list above. Thanks.
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listed buildings

Post by poppy »

Hi Steve, I have asked this before on the forum. But wondered whether you could explain why a road like Girton Road does not enjoy the same protection as the Thorpes?

Most of it is really lovely, even if some people have destroyed some of them with UPVC doors and by paving their drives.

It would be a shame if it was allowed to degenerate further. They may be smaller than the houses on the Thorpes but many are perfectly formed and very well looked after.
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