Planning permission?

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Planning permission?

Post by mkoala »

Hi there
We live in a ground floor flat, share of freehold converted from a large Victorian mansion style house. Not in a conservation area.

There is a single garden door off the living room leading to our garden at the side of the building. The door is old and wooden and needs to be replaced. Trying to work out if we need planning permission to replace it for one that has some form of glazing, but basically the same size.

It's not original to the building but been here when the building was converted to flats 25 years ago.. I know we need to have it for replacing the spiral balance sash windows (even though they're not original :roll:

Struggling to get an answer to this question anywhere and given there are so many houses from converted to flats thought someone may have done the same

Thanks in advance
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Re: Planning permission?

Post by broken_shaman »

I don't believe planning permission is required if you are not in a conservation area and there is no article 4 direction removing permitted development.

I would imagine that extends to the windows too. As long as they are the same size/ appearance. An entirely new window opening would require planning permission.

Best to ask the council planning department, but you'll probably be able to get an answer from a reputable glazing company too.
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