Goodbye Sydenham Community Radio

Sydenham Community Radio

The Sydenham Community Radio website has expired. This should come as no surprise as I, for one, have been warning them for some time that it would disappear – and it did on October 6th. I offered to help save it. Nobody could be bothered to even say “No Thanks”.

A significant amount of Sydenham Assembly’s budget was poured into this venture which flowered, took to the airwaves, and then faded to just some car boot sales. Was the boot sale money supposed to revive the project – and, if so, where did it go?

Where did all the local material, much of it contributed free of charge, go? Where are all those podcasts. Are they, like our money, just going to be junked in the bin?

This is the third of a sorry list of Sydenham websites sponsored in whole or in part by Sydenham Assembly and Lewisham council:

  • Sydenham TownTalk – disguised as a ‘community website’ it was just a shop window for a national string of local websites set up with public money run for commercial gain. The remnants still remain:
  • Sydenham Town Centre – set up for the Traders but expired over a year ago. Sydenham Town helped rescue the domain and hosting. We offered, gratis, to get it back going. This was refused. We keep being promised something will be done. We are still waiting:
  • Sydenham Community Radio – set up as the online presence to stream and podcast the local radio project:

What is particularly annoying is the nievity in the planning and set up of these websites. Professional advice was ignored. Our money was needlessly wasted. And when they failed – nobody, to date, could be bothered to save what was left of value. Which, having been largely created with our money, should belong to the community.

Being annoyed is not helpful. Hence if anyone connected to Sydenham Town Centre or Sydenham Community Radio wants to bring them back to life or preserve the material then there are still willing hands to help here. Just PM me through the Sydenham Town Forum.

Discretion in getting something done is assured. Throwing away a community asset is another matter …

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