Government Delays Sydenham Thameslink


The Transport Minister announces a two year delay for Thameslink 2000. It may now arrive in 2018 if there are not further cuts. The carraige expansion need to lengthen trains into London Bridge have also been delayed in the same announcement.

This website normally tries to report in a neutral non-partisan manner. However this anouncement of ‘investment’ which is actually a ‘disinvestment’ and delay of the current programme does cause some editorial problems.

So what are the facts?

Thameslink is delayed from 2016 to 2018.

The two-year delay in the Thameslink project will prolong disruption for passengers, according to pressure group London TravelWatch. This will pariculary hit Sydenham commuters because of extended works on the London Bridge platforms. Plus no direct trains north of the river during that period putting additional pressure on existing trains.

Carriages Cut

The promise of 1300 extra carriages by 2014 has been cut to just 650. So fewer longer trains to take the strain until Thameslink arrives in Sydenham.

Fares Increased

The recently announced fare increases announced from January 1st are justified in financing this reduced programme. It looks more like the increases are being used to reduce government grants that have been switched to keep the road programme going.

In other words – this is a significant shift from public to private transport. The cost to the former now increasing rapidly in real terms whilst motoring has reduced in recent years. A double whammy for the Sydenham commuter.

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