Greyhound Gets Going (at last)

Greyhound Plans

Tonight’s Lewisham Planning Committee approved the rebuilding of The Greyhound. Councillor Chris Best reports “There were a couple of additional conditions added to the report – one to treat the conservatory doors as emergency exit doors and the other was to see the detail of the refuse store as it is 15 foot from the entrance to Sainsbury’s.. No timescales yet. Watch this thread for news:….

Readers may remember that The Greyhound was suddenly closed in August 2007. It was feared it would be demolished for redevelopment. It became part of a conservation area preventing demolition without permission. It caught fire. It was then demolished (except for the front wall). The developers were found guilty of a criminal act … and months and months (or is it years?) of plans being made and knocked on the head. Finally the developers Purelake came up with a proposal that was basically acceptable to most parties. This was recommended by the professional planners to the planning committee. And now we have no excuses for the return of Sydenham’s most prominent hostelry.

The plans are laid out in this pdf document… (section 3.0 onwards – opens in a new window).

I see trees are going to feature as part of the plan. This year’s Christmas Tree perhaps?
But be careful of plans. The trees on top in the developers plans (above) never arrived (below).

Greyhound, Sydenham, March 2013

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