Greyhound Rebuild Imminent?

The Greyhound, Sydenham

Late, but better late than never!

We hear that the Greyhound owners have, belatedly, made good with their promise to get all the necessary papers into Lewisham Planning by the end of February. We have been holding our breath on this but this morning they arrived. Obviously the planners have to check and go through the approvals process. They had scheduled three weeks for this. But with a report to full council due on March 25th it is going to be embarrassing if that is not very positive.

Everybody in the community who has been involved with this is going to be pushing very hard. Whether that means we see builders on site before the Easter break is a big question. We will have the cameras at the ready at the first sighting – do let us know through the forum if you spot any movement.

Inevitably serious reconstruction is now unlikely until after Easter but we could still see a summer re-opening if we can all keep the pressure up. With the Orb (opposite) moving into fitting out mode and the block on the retail units around The Greyhound lifted – the Kirkdale roundabout area could regain its role as the centrepiece of Sydenham.

Fingers crossed.

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