Guerrilla Warfare Hits Sydenham


Monday 29th September 2008 saw the first strike by a previously unknown group of guerrilla gardeners. The target was the unloved and much abused patch of weeds and rubbish at the corner of Sydenham Station Approach. Overnight we had received an anonymous claim and photo proof of their endeavours. They said:

“Over the weekend the planter in Station Approach was tidied up and replanted. Four wheeli-bins worth of tin cans and bottles were removed from the planter. Next weekend will see the planters outside SG Smith tidied up and replanted.”

A few hours later Sydenham Town received a communique from ‘Sydenham Gardeners’ saying it was not them. We have reason to believe Sydenham Gardeners’s claim of innocence. Which means there are now two autonomous groups seeking to ‘clean-up’ Sydenham in a beautifully green way. Sydenham Gardeners said:

“We commend the work done by this new Guerilla group and hope that their efforts don’t effect the work that has already been done in our attempt to secure long term funding for a continued display of colour and scent throughout Sydenham for years to come. It’s always nice to wake up and see a pansy on your way to work.”

Oh what a competition and SE26 will be the winners. I think I can say thanks on your behalf to the people who struck first. And hopefully any counter attack will be even more successful. We have not asked Lewisham Council to comment to save embarrassment. We hope they too might be spurred into action to help make a greener and more beautiful Sydenham. Only the council probably has the resources to do the Kirkdale Wobbly Roundabout. Somebody said:

“We’ll fight them on the benches, we’ll fight them on the soil!”


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