Hello Sailor! Naughty Nauticals Commandeer Cobbs Corner …


In the early hours of Monday morning three ladies were spotted boarding Sydenham’s Wavy Roundabout in what must be the strangest protest against Lewisham’s ugly and dangerous attempt at causing even more traffic congestion at Cobbs Corner.

A tableau of sailors and boat complete with blue sea and sand now command this desert island in a delightful and cheeky tableau. It is causing much surprise and merriment to beleaguered drivers attempting to get down Sydenham Road. How long before the autocratic and bureaucratic hand of the authorities sweep them away – or will the local yobs get there first?

And who were those guilty ladies? If you know more then visit the Sydenham Town Forum to spilll the beans here … http://sydenham.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1390



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