Car Clubs

Car clubs provide the convenience of a car, without the hassle of repairs, servicing, renewing insurance and parking and can be a lot cheaper if your annual mileage is low.

How does it work?

Book a car online or by phone, weeks ahead or with just a few minutes notice, for anything from an hour to a weekend. The car will be parked in a special Car Club bay in Sydenham. It’s clean and ready to go. Just swipe your smart card, get the keys from the car, and off you go.

Drive for as long as you’ve booked it for, from five pounds an hour. When you’ve finished just return the car to the same location.

Payment is taken from your account. You get a breakdown by email or text message. No forms, no fuss.

Save money

Car clubs allow flexibility, charging only for the time you use the car (not when it’s sitting gathering dust in the street). If you drive fewer than 6,000 miles per year, joining a car club could save you up to £3,500 a year.

Environmentally friendly

Using a car club can also help save the environment:

  • Sharing a car between people can lead to fewer cars being manufactured
  • Car club cars are often newer, more energy efficient models that use less fuel with car club cars emitting 37 per cent less CO2 emissions of those they replace*
  • Compared to the average motorist, car club members reduce their miles driven by up to 62 per cent**

* Carplus, 2008
** Carplus, 2009

(This article is based on a TfL post)

Zipcar is the Sydenham Car Club operator

Zipcar locations in SE26:

Zipcar map of SE26

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