London Assembly

Len Duvall

Sydenham is part of the London Greenwich & Lewisham Constituency and elects one Assembly Member directly. As part of the whole London region it elects a ‘top-up’ of 11 further Assembly Members chosen by the parties.

2012 Election Result
Len Duvall
The Labour Party Candidate
65,366 (49.6%)
Alex Wilson
The Conservative Party Candidate
27,329 (20.7%)
Roger Sedgley
Green Party
12,427 (9.4%)
John Russell
Liberal Democrats
9,393 (7.1%)
Barbara Raymond
Greenwich and Lewisham People Before Profit
6,873 (5.2%)
Paul Oakley
UKIP/ Fresh Choice for London
4,997 (3.8%)
Roberta Woods
British National Party
3,551 (2.7%)
Tess Culnane
National Front
1,816 (1.4%)

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