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Sydenham is mostly in the London Borough of Lewisham but spills over into the adjoining Boroughs of Bromley and Southwark and also borders the Boroughs of Croydon and Lambeth. Situated between Dulwich and Forest Hill to the north and Penge to the south and Norwood to the west – Sydenham was transformed from countryside to town by the arrival of the Crystal Palace in 1852. it was home to WG Grace the cricketer, Ernest Shackleton the explorer and George Grove the musical publisher. Colour Television (and much more) was invented in Sydenham by James Logie Baird who lived and had a laboratory here for many years.

It grew from a genteel Victorian surburb to today’s diverse urban community with people from all parts of the UK and most of the World!

SYDENHAM is SE26 in the London Borough of Lewisham
SYDENHAM is a village in Oxfordshire
SYDENHAM is a surburb of Belfast, Northern Ireland
SYDENHAM is a river in Ontario, Canada
SYDENHAM is a surburb of Melbourne, Australia
SYDENHAM is a surburb of Sydney, Australia
SYDENHAM is rugby club in Canterbury, New Zealand
SYDENHAM College Of Commerce And Economics is in Mumbai, India
SYDENHAM Chorea is a childhood movement disorder
Thomas SYDENHAM is the father of English Medicine

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sydenham is one of grey county’s northerly
sydenham is a bustling london village
sydenham is at the place pigalle bar in san francisco’s hayes valley when i arrive
sydenham is the main station at the junction of sydenham road and kirkdale and is 15 minutes from london
sydenham is 15 minutes due south from london bridge on the line to croydon
sydenham is not entitled to accept deposits from
sydenham is a growing rural community located on the western shore of sydenham lake
sydenham is dammmmm good
sydenham is in lewisham
sydenham is?
sydenham is also an extremely important waterway from an environmental standpoint
sydenham is an attractive and quiet residential area
sydenham is home to the project and provides a focal point within the community with fine acoustics for the newly formed orchestra of st
sydenham is a fast growing suburb in melbourne’s outer west
sydenham is complete
sydenham is a faith community which recognised the presence of god who challenges us to embrace the gospel
sydenham is a planet discovered by a team of female astronauts
sydenham is in a valley
sydenham is the number of coaches in some of the sports – the girls’ field hockey team had five coaches and there were six
sydenham is the birthplace of 2 important organizations
sydenham is home to the project and provides a focal point within the community with a fine acoustic for the newly formed orchestra of st
sydenham is now seen as the most important english physician of the second half of the
sydenham is putting together
sydenham is first mentioned in the oration of dr john arbuthnot
sydenham is a senior 11
sydenham is associated with a legendary story concerning sir francis drake
sydenham is your first stop for great tasting
sydenham is smaller in its ground space
sydenham is full of exotic hawaiian dancers nor is it swimming with misanthropes either
sydenham is 43 & total no
sydenham is leading the way
sydenham is a girls’ comprehensive school which strives to prepare young women to meet the challenges of the contemporary world
sydenham is not to be confused with sydenham
sydenham is the station of choice
sydenham is privately owned by the theed family whose dedication and vision brings you this unique blend of respect for the past and determination to
sydenham is the venue for a full fledged inter
sydenham is known for his striking pyrographs on wood panels set in unusual
sydenham is buried in the mount zions cemetery
sydenham is listed as a sergeant in this war
sydenham is conceived as an integrated mixed
sydenham is special teams october 11
sydenham is a small town in ontario
sydenham is a rural school
sydenham is most highly regarded for liberating medicine from the flowery and absurd excesses of speculation in academia and restoring it as a practical
sydenham is happening now
sydenham is the oldest area of residential development in district 1
sydenham is considered one of the most important of the revivers of the views of hippocrates
sydenham is a faith community missioned by the church to serve the people of the outer western suburbs
sydenham is the latest to be developed with the building of emmaus school and church in 1996 and 1997
sydenham is a working class area and i think i’m able to see that if you earn things you appreciate them more
sydenham is being considered
sydenham is a small oxfordshire village close to the county border with buckinghamshire
sydenham is a practitioner in central alberta and an ex
sydenham is exuberant
sydenham is also in pre
sydenham is the epicenter of sydney
sydenham is a former chief legal adviser to the cla
sydenham is to become their chief scout down under after the club decided against continuing with their academy in perth
sydenham is the name of a property currently owned by mr
sydenham is well signposted from every direction
sydenham is
sydenham is always “fully under the control of the principal
sydenham is a hiker’s dream
sydenham is the founder
sydenham is ready to begin
sydenham is a hotbed of creativity and enthusiasm
sydenham is the nearest railway station
sydenham is used by
sydenham is on the bangor
sydenham is an important location in the suburban railway system as a major junction station and retains buildings from the early period of railway construction
sydenham is working in data analysis and automation in pfizer
sydenham is a suburb in the south of london which is very close to the old crystal palace motor racing circuit
sydenham is picked out in glazed black bricks on both sides of the service block
sydenham is a raw
sydenham is one of grey county’s northerly townships
sydenham is a friendly village
sydenham is mostly frog water
sydenham is a new community website focused on sydenham se26 in south london
sydenham is very lavish in its praises; and if the english reader will see the mechanical effects of it describ’d at length
sydenham is a graphic designer with montgomery living press
sydenham is a privately
sydenham is a fairly new corps
sydenham is this maintenance free 3 bedroom


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