Lawrie Park Gardens

Lawrie Park Gardens, London SE26
Photograph 1
Lewisham Council replaced all the street signs in the 1990s. The old sign was subtitled ‘late Westwood Road’. Today’s Lawrie Park Gardens is one of the few roads in London to be wide, have little traffic (or road humps) and parked cars. Hence it is a haven for all the local Driving Schools as one of the few places the unaccomplished can exercise a three point turn with unharried ease.
Lawrie Park Gardens, London SE26
Photograph 2
Another street of eclectic home design. The first five houses (48 to 56) are ‘Christmas’ homes – they were built by Mr Christmas of Forest Hill in the popular ‘Mock Tudor’ style of the time – 1928. The orchard belonging to number 56 (centre) was recently sold off and a block flats built in a pastiche style. The coach house behind number 56 used to be the studio of Rolf Harris when he lived in Border Road – which runs parallel behind.
Lawrie Park Gardens, London SE26
Photograph 3
191 Lawrie Park Gardens – one of a matched pair of substantial homes (see below). These were built between 1857 and 1866 by William Godwin who lived here and built around twenty other homes in the area at the time. The last owner died recently and number 191 has been undergoing substantial refurbishment. It is let as flats.
Lawrie Park Gardens, London SE26
Photograph 4
Woolwich House – four houses up from number 191 on the corner of Hall Drive. Its name reportedly derived from being the former residence of the Bishop of Woolwich – the Church of England suffragan bishop for the area. In the early 1990s this was refurbished and a left wing added. Woolwich House is now composed of individually owned apartments.
Lawrie Park Gardens, London SE26
Photograph 5
The Firs, 44-46 Lawrie Park Gardens is a rather uninspiring block of modern privately owned flats. However the name is famous as being the home of Emily Dorman who married Ernest Shackleton from Westwood Hill and became Lady Shackleton as a result of his Antarctic Adventures.

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