New laptops for old!

Still running Windows XP? Got a message to say you should update to Windows 8.1 or, because your computer is not new, throw it away and buy a new one? Well they would, wouldn’t they?

What they don’t tell you is you computer might be old, slow and now unsupported but you can make it as new – fast and fresh at absolutely no cost. And if you live in Sydenham or thereabouts we have a special offer to you. Don’t throw your old laptop, netbook or desktop PC away – we will refresh it with a brand new operating system which will probably make it go faster than the day you bought it. The software will be up to date and it will make a great new computer.

What’s more you get the option to have it back for FREE. Or if you don’t want it we will find a deserving person who does and supply it to them absolutely FREE. What’s to lose?

The Toshiba Tecra M2, pictured above, was the bee’s knees in 2004. That’s it today running faster than ever – with Sydenham Town showing on the Google Chromium browser (or Firefox if you prefer). Its runs Thunderbird – a great email client, a snazzy RSS reader to keep you up to date with all the blogs and news sites without having to visit them, LibreOffice – an office system that can read and write Microsoft Office Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations – and much more.

So don’t make more landfill – give us a call (office hours) on 020 7043 6866 – and the people who bring you Sydenham Town & Sydenham Town Forum will come collect, sort, return or donate your old faithful at NO CHARGE!

As long as boots as far as the BIOS screen we may still be able to rescue it. Look away now if you don’t want to get technical.

We setup a new operating system on your hard disk. If there is room we will do this alongside your existing operating system so you may boot into either operating system and your old data files will be accessible from your new applications. If your computer is under 8 years old we will probably load Linux Kubuntu. This has menus and task bars very similar to Windows and you should be able to use it instinctively. If it is older or has less than 1Gb of RAM we will probably use Linux Bodhi – a skinnier version that needs and uses less resources.

Linux can run many but not all Windows applications. It can also run things unavailable on Windows. The two are not the same but neither is inferior. We will try and preserve any data you need but cannot guarantee it. In fact we will not guarantee anything at all except unnecessary landfill.

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