Sydenham Library Open or Shut?

Sydenham Community Library Poster
Typical. You wait for ages and when we finally get a story about us being open on Sydenham Town we are shut. Years of no-action to change one blooming story on the front page about us being in danger of being closed down and you pick this moment to change it!

So there you have it. Sydenham library is shut. But wait, don’t worry. It’s not for long. We are open, despite what Admin says. Or at least we will be soon.

Since the campaign to Save Sydenham Library which drew the local community together in a united voice to save us, we have become Sydenham Community Library. We are run by Eco Communities, a not for profit that runs a number of Lewishams Libraries.

After years of underinvestment by Lewisham the building was left in a poor state of repair. Finally, we have the funding and opportunity to redecorate. The roof is now fixed and we are having a cafe installed.

While you wait for us to re-open, we have a ”small Popup Library” in “Jill”, the SEE3 shop at 27 Sydenham Road. The shop is open Wednesday to Saturday 10-6, and Sunday 11-4. Library volunteers will be there at times on Thursdays and Saturdays. You may even get a nice cup of tea of you ask nicely.

Wait until Monday the 15th April 2013, and you will get an even better cup of tea (or cappuccino, espresso, mocha, americano etc) at the new, improved Sydenham Community Library.

You can also recycle your unwanted electrical goods and computers here, get access to the internet, free wifi, free backs computer training, help with job applications, book recycling and hire space for meetings and events.

We also lend books!

For more updates please go to

Sydenham Community Library
210 Sydenham Road
SE26 5SE

Tel: 020 8778 1753

Opening hours:
Monday​ 9.30am-5pm​
Tuesday​ 9.30am-7pm​
Wednesday​ closed​
Thursday​ 9.30am-7pm​
Friday​ closed​
Saturday​ 9.30am-5pm​
Sunday​ closed

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