Pavement Parkers

Pavement Parking in Sydenham

268 Kirkdale 8.40pm Wednesday 29th May 2013

£2 million has been spent transforming our High Street. The community has been impressed with the high quality of the newly paved areas. But for how long?

This is a regular occurrence. It is a heavily loaded van (mostly drink) driven along the new pavement and parked. It is surely only a matter of time before the new slabs crack and become uneven. First a reminder of the law:

Parking on footways or footpaths (pavements, grass verges, alleyways, etc), or in front of dropped footways or raised carriageways (for example driveways or pedestrian crossings) is banned on almost all streets in London at all times, including at night and weekends. If you park in such a way then you could receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) and may also be towed away – even if only one or two wheels are on the footway.

This is not only a problem of criminal damage to the pavement. It can cause a dangerous blockage for anyone with a buggy or mobility scooter. Are they supposed to walk in the road?

Van blocking pavement outside Payless in Sydenham

Business is business. Shops have to re-stock. But we have already sacrificed much of the road for parking and loading. Indeed as you can see below they could have parked legally a few yards up the road. Are they just too lazy?

They are certainly rude. I have on two previous occasions politely pointed out they may be damaging the pavement and that parking there is not permitted. They just ignore it – and, as you can see, continue to repeat. What should be done?

Keen eyes will notice the van is parked right next to one of Lewisham’s CCTV masts. That’s it – the people who monitor crime – appear to be ignoring what is literally happening under their noses. You can discuss the issue here in our Sydenham Town Forum

Parking places in Sydenham, London SE26

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