Rebuilding Sydenham Town


Welcome to the new Website or, in Dr Who parlance, the third re-generation of the original.

It has certain similarities with the Greyhound. First we had knock down the old and then put up the skeleton of the new. It has taken two years through a series of mishaps and much frustration to get and adapt the underlying software. Now we start to fill it with content.

Hence what you see now is far from complete. It is a framework on which we can build. The ‘we’ is important. We are using WordPress Multisite which means collaboration with anyone is simple. Only basic typing skills required. Hopefully we can move from a website FOR the community towards a website BY the community.

The new website is really a collection of websites – the Sydenham Network – designed to also to work with other Sydenham based websites and blogs. Here is the state of the Network at launch:

NEW: BlogCentral, Travel News
(BlogCentral needs to be cleaned up and the final roster of blogs to be agreed)
RETAINED: Most of the old News Archive and Streets.
TO DO: Gallery – Issues with Lightbox so only one set atm

NEW: Just the colour and style matching for the classic desktop version
RETAINED: All the content
TO DO: Update the mobile version

This is just a placeholder with some stuff culled from the past site. It is hoped to announce an Arts Curator who can meld and build this section from a more artistic perspective.

This is the old site recast in the new image. I’m still busy repopulating it at the moment and sorting out all the old videos that YouTube have deleted.

This is the repository for static information about Sydenham but presented in a more accessible format. Again much of the old has been sifted through for errors.

This is a placeholder. I have sketched out ideas as to content. This will take time to gradually add content.

Got a smartphone? Try the site at – you may be in for a surprise!

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