#rebuildthegreyhound Council Demo

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A strong deputation of Sydenham Society activists supported by other Sydenham Residents and the chair of Forest Hill Society made their presence felt lobbying Lewisham Council meeting last night.

We filled most of the available seating at the Civic Suite. The Greyhound was the first business item on the agenda. Councillor Chris Best introduced the item. Barry Milton from Sydenham Society was invited to make our case and was supported by Councillor Liam Curran.

Mayor Steve accepted the seriousness of the issue and that ‘something must be done’. Purelake must not be able to get away with committing a criminal act and doing nothing to put the Greyhound back as promised. The Mayor would not accept any possible culpability by the Council in not enforcing the planning requirements (like allowing the flats to be occupied before The Greyhound was completed) instead spinning on the fact that a successful prosecution was made as a result of failure.

He said further legal action would come. The matter was being referred to the legal team who would come up with a plan at the next council meeting on the 22nd. So while nothing concrete happened last night – the Mayor and the Council now know this is an issue that will not go into the long grass and will become politically hotter if they don’t sort or get Purelake to sort pretty quickly.

Seven years is already too long to wait.

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