#RebuildTheGreyhound Success!

The Greyhound, Sydenham, November 2014

Great News!

Lewisham has let us know they have received the planning application necessary for beginning the rebuild of The Greyhound. It’s looking good and will be approved by November 28th. Even the doorside greyhounds have reappeared!

The Sydenham Society campaign first to stop the change of use of the semi-demolished Greyhound, then to have it rebuilt as a pub, embarrassed the owners and resulted in them, under legal threat, to promise to rebuild The Greyhound by April 2015. That was the result as at the last Lewisham Cabinet meeting reported here.

The planning application is based on the original 2010 planning permission with four main and reasonable variations:

  • The retention of an enlarged basement
  • The omission of a rear elevation window (now covered with Lee’s beautiful tiles)
  • Amendment to the flank elevation regarding the proposed sliding door
  • The formation of a chimney to accommodate internal ventilation ducting

The full application can be found online here

If you click on the Documents tab and select the South Elevation you will see this. Now look what is either side of the entrance!

The Greyhound. Sydenham: Elevation

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