The Greyhound, Sydenham

Sydenham Society launch their campaign to rebuild the Greyhound Pub and shame the Purelake Group into restoring Sydenham’s iconic landmark to its former glory

In what must be one of London’s worst and long lived sagas on how an unscrupulous property development company took over the 300 year old historic Greyhound promising to incorporate into a fresh exciting new gateway to the town with impressive models and artist’s impressions instead built a lacklustre bunch of flats sitting on unoccupied retail units behind the sad remains of an illegally destroyed pub in a conservation area.

The Purelake Group having been fined promised to rebuild the pub. “It wouldn’t be a problem” quipped Gerry Dowd their Finance Director and brother of our Westminster MP Jim Dowd. Except they reneged. They did not rebuild the pub. They apparently have no intention – instead indicating they will be seeking planning permission for a Betting Shop or Fast Food outlet uses.

Up with this we will not put. We are left with a running eye sore for anyone coming to Sydenham. Purelake refuse to even defend themselves. “No comment” said their press person Tracey Sultana in response to the campaign. “Get stuffed” might have been a more accurate statement from a company that shows no remorse for ripping the heart out of our community.

It is clear Purelake show no respect for planning regulation, conservation areas, the law or the community. Only their profit at our expense. So what do we do?

  • They ignore us, the council and the law. They will continue to do so unless their interest can be changed. The only leverage we really have is to expose their dreadful reputation and make the Purelake brand toxic to any council or housing association who wishes to do business ethically.
  • We must end Lewisham’s Partnership with the company they have failed to control and enforce the law. Such a conflict of interest is unacceptable
  • We must get Hexagon Housing of Sydenham to denounce their former partner who expects their tenants to overlook the disaster every day.

Purelake are no doubt reading this and thinking – it will blow over. Do nothing and just give it time. That’s our challenge to convince them that this campaign will be hard and continuous and will cost them business until that pub is returned fully rebuilt to once again serve the community.

A message to Purelake. If you think any of the above is wrong or misleading we would be very happy to correct it and have you put your case fairly. Your silence, your refusal to respond has not helped your cause. Turn over a new leaf today. Nobody is so bad that redemption is impossible.

Try it. Meanwhile while we have to stare at the above we note you don’t spare much in ‘developing’ a sumptuous office in Plaistow Lane Bromley on some of the proceeds:

STOP PRESS: The Sydenham Society invites you to the “Rebuild the Greyhound pub” meet-up group, and the first meeting will be this Wednesday, September 24, at 8pm in the back room of the Golden Lion, 116 Sydenham Rd, London SE26 5JX.

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