Revitalising Sydenham Town Centre


A local movement is underway in Sydenham to give residents and Town Centre consumers the opportunity to influence the direction and development of the Sydenham Town Centre. This movement is being undertaken by Sydenham residents Scott Hamilton and Lee Newham with the support of several local traders, property managers, The Sydenham Society, this website and various local residents.

The objective of this initiative is twofold:

To revitalise the Town Centre by assisting local traders to meet the needs of changing community demographics and needs while continuing to service existing consumers.
To encourage the introduction of new businesses to address the gap in products and services provided by existing local businesses.
To achieve these goals, a recent survey request by Scott was placed on the Sydenham Town Forum. This survey request is also being distributed to various local residents and consumers through the support of local groups and organisations. You may also soon meet Scott on the High Street “polling” for opinions.

The survey gives residents and traders an opportunity to comment on the products and services available in the Town Centre and identify businesses by name which are providing valued services. Additionally, it gives people the opportunity to state which services they feel are lacking and would like to see available in the Town Centre. Furthermore, through the survey people have an opportunity to identify which town centres and businesses they travel to in order to address this gap in services. The information gathered will be used to focus the efforts of this initiative to provide support and assistance to existing traders in the Town Centre and encourage the development and revitalisation of products, services and appearance. Secondly, the responses will be used to approach businesses in surrounding Town Centres which are frequented by local residents to encourage their consideration of opening businesses in Sydenham.

Scott adds:

After recently moving to Sydenham from West Dulwich, I was encouraged to work on this initiative by the numerous opinions and concerns of local traders and residents in regard to the state of the Town Centre. Following several more meetings with various individuals, it was agreed that an independent initiative to encourage and drive revitalisation of the Town Centre could provide an opportunity for residents and traders alike. Also working heavily on this initiative is another new resident of Sydenham, Lee Newham As a local and independent initiative, we will be able to approach existing traders and potential businesses that are wanted and will provide services currently lacking in the Town Centre. In my opinion, success will be achieved through both the rejuvenation of existing shops and businesses on the High Street, as well as by the introduction of new businesses which fill the product and service gaps residents currently face while shopping on the high street.

I think Sydenham is in a prime position to become a destination Town Centre. By approaching businesses which we know residents already visit in local areas, we can maintain an above normal percentage of independent and local traders. Furthermore, Sydenham can capitalise on the increased flow through our Town Centre that has resulted from the opening of the Sava Centre and that will occur with the East London Line extension and rejuvenation of Crystal Palace Park. With the £2 million allocated from TFL for the redevelopment of Sydenham Road, an initiative to better the current shops and bring in businesses desired by local residents could not more appropriate. I would like to encourage everyone with an interest in Sydenham and an opinion on the High Street to complete the survey. I look forward to working on this initiative and helping the Town Centre reach its potential.

scott_hamiltonScott and his family moved to Sydenham in November after having lived in North London and West Dulwich since 2003. He has just recently completed his MBA at Henley Management College. Prior to his MBA he worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry and with a business and risk management consultancy. He also served as a Captain in the military following graduation from University.

Scott is undertaking this project as he has decided to not immediately return to corporate business. He also currently volunteers his time as a Cub and Scout Leader and serves on the Executive Committee of a local school charity.

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