Snowy Sydenham


Thursday February 8th and Sydenham awoke to the forecast snowfall. Around 3″ which lasted into midmorning


This is Kirkdale roundabout at 9am. Almost deserted. Clearly many motorists decided to stay home.


The gritters had kept the main roads reasonably clear. All the buses appeared to be running so there was no excuse not to be at work.


While the main roads were being kept clear by the gritting lorries – there was none to be seen on the pavements. Here you see two commuters terrified at corner to Station Approach. The fast drop in two directions is dangerous in good weather. In snow and slush it was impassible. We had to use the road.


Would there be any trains? Concientious commuters might check the railway website. Sadly they seem to have the wrong sort of snow on the servers. It seems that they don’t expect users to use it. Oh – and that link to was yesterday’s forecast that we could have snow today. I don’t think we need to know that … the departure board wasn’t working either so it was a bit of a gamble.


Yippee – all the trains appeared to be running. I guess that is better then website working and the trains being halted because there were too many passangers. Meanwhile those left in Sydenham might feel it was like a very quiet Sunday morning.


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