Sydenham Assembly 5th March 2009

The prime task of this Assembly was to make an initial allocation of the Mayor’s £50,000 fund allocated to Sydenham. Five projects were put forward at the meeting and voted on. 51% of votes were required for approval. Four passed and one failed by the smallest of margins. Below are the presentations as heard on the night.

Sydenham Arts Festival 2009Jonathan Kaufman asking for £10,000. Result 80% – Approved

Sydenham & ForestHill Youth ForumMelissa asking for £3,000. Result 82% – Approved.

Silverdale Hall: Ray Brown asking for £10,000. Result 80% – Approved

Rotary Day Centre: Melissa De-Pradines asking for £10,000. Result 72% – Approved

Sydenham Community Radio: Peter Aleskin asking for £7,000. Result 50% – Not Approved

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