Sydenham Crime Map


Mayor Boris has delivered on his promise to publish crime maps of London.

Well only partially and in beta. But it is a start and begins to answer some of the questions often raised in the Sydenham Town Forum. The headline is that Lewisham is firmly ‘average’ for burglary, robbery and vehicle crime unlike our neighbouring Southwark which is the worst London borough in June 2008.

At the ward level (above) you can see that Sydenham is also average but Forest Hill, west of the railway line is in the highest category. You can probe right down on the real site to sub-ward level eg Lawrie Park or The Peak. However, at this level you are talking of around 4 crimes/month so a small difference can move you from top to bottom.

I guess it is headlines like ours that may frighten the police into revealing individual crime details as they do in the US. Fearing that we may over interpret the data. However they are a guide to what is really going on as to what we think is going on which every survey shows to be an overestimate. Except maybe in Forest Hill!


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