Sydenham Road Regeneration



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Lewisham has published this 20 page booklet outlining proposals for improving the streetscape from Kirkdale to Mayow Road.

Lewisham will be consulting with local residents with exhibitions during May. All responses are due back by June 2nd

Its taken a long time

Lewisham began work on this scheme in Autumn 2006. Our report «here» outlines the original thinking and the first consultation and walkabout organised by Living Streets (formerly the Pedestrian’s Association).

The main thrust was to:

  • Clear out the street clutter
  • Make it easier to cross roads
  • Make better use of space
  • Create a greener environment

Big changes or little changes?

The original proposal document had images showing dramatic changes of environment. The proposals in the new consultation have been scaled back to refining the environment rather than changing it. The individual changes are quite minor. It is the culmative effect which may change people’s perception of our main shopping street.

The road system will be basically unchanged. The only difference is an option to close the Queensthorpe/Sydenham Road junction. The Kirkdale ‘wobbly’ roundabout is retained.

For pedestrians the major change is the removal of all the zebra crossings and replacement with controlled crossings. This despite the evidence that people preferred uncontrolled to controlled crossings and the original idea of a free Kensington style layout. Very welcome is the ‘Pocket Square’ at the Venner Road junction. This has been widely called for. It is to be hoped that the necessary emergency service access can be accommodated within the tree planting. Also very welcome is a crossing at Newlands Park where anything would be better than the current ‘run for your life’ option.

For cyclists the only mention is a controlled crossing. It is unclear what route that would serve and its position on a steep slope would appear problematic for any westbound cyclist. The introduction of raised ramps and granite cobbling would also appear to add both danger and discomfort. The additional stops at controlled crossings will make travel slower and more arduous, particulary on slopes. Sydenham Road is not cycle friendly. These proposals ignore the expressed wishes of cyclists and may make it even less friendly.

Bus users will see a repositioning of stops. However the return to a convenient train/bus interchange has not been proposed. The situation of Station Approach is dependent on the cooperation of the station operator which is due to change from Southern Rail to TfL and so has been taken out of this plan for later consideration.

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