Sydenham Rubbished


The great and the good of Lewisham’s environmental, cleansing and rubbish management teams descended on Sydenham Town on Friday the 13th of May. Lucky or unlucky for who?

Sydenham Society’s own urban terrorist Pat Trembath (centre) had badgered the Council to sort out the mess that is such an eyesore to every visitor to the town. Accompanied by representatives of Sydenham Traders the attack began in Sydenham Station Approach and its uncleared piles of rubbish dumped by people unable or unwilling to read the partially obscured notice (below) .


The Lewisham team were aware of the problem of rubbish, but had not realised that there were other matters which required sorting out as well. The council wants traders to sign up to their waste management schemes. The traders are saying that they are not aware of being approached about disposal of trade waste and two of them had been done for fly-tipping.

Lewisham is going to sort out a pilot scheme for daily/or 3 times a week waste removal where residents are advised that rubbish will be collected at certain times of the day (likely to be evening) and that this is the only time when bags should be left out in the street. This is a problem boroughwide where disused property above shops is being brought back into use. Sydenham is to be the pilot!

Lewisham had identified a space in Station Approach which could be used as a waste collection point. This is going to look into in more detail and if the waste collection methods do work this could be a recycling point. They will organise a clear out of the small patch of waste land in corner of Sydenham Station Approach and get it planted up and a management scheme put in. They hoped to get plans started on this this afternoon.

The disused toilets are going to be cleared out and properly sealed and a further small planted up area will soften the unsightlyness outside the old “ladies” loo and the permanently locked disabled toilet. The Electricity company will be contacted about their insecure sub-station in the alley from the station to Silverdale (Health and Safety and possible crime area).


Another rubbish hotspot on corner of Silverdale was identified by the Town Centre Manager.

The Greyhound has been a source of concern lately – the advertising boards need planning permission and a there will be a check with Planning to see what approval they have for what. The Greyhound’s fly-posting has been noted and action will be taken on this. It was also noted that their forecourt was litterstrewn and that too will result in action by the Council.

LA Fitness had also drawn attention to themselves by using the railings at Cobbs for advertising banners – action is likely there, too! perhaps this should be recorded as ” Whilst touring the area other offences were noted and action against perpetrators is likely, shortly


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