Sydenham Town v The Dolphin

cricket_2007_01Sydenham Cricket Club – Kangley Bridge End

Regulars of The Dolphin may have noticed an antipodean tendency the other side of the bar. And antipodeans can be somewhat caustic about this country’s cricketing prowess. So Sydenham Town decided to put them to the test – literally!

The Dolphin fortified by staff from The Dartmouth Arms and Sydenham Town fortified by anybody who could lift a bat met at the Sydenham Cricket Club one Monday evening.

cricket_2007_02Sydenham Town open in impressive style

Sydenham Town’s openers made a fast and sure start with Paul Leasey holding his end while Dan Crowley had fun with the bowlers for a top score of 34. Alistair Bryan came in and took his first ball to the goolies. Things got worse. The Gods were not pleased and the next few wickets fell Götterdämmerung style with thunderclouds and an increasing wet outfield which may explain the three ducks in a row.

Our middle order was dominated by a player who had never seen a cricket match before. But the Townies rallied to a very good 113 all out in the last of 18 overs. Extras contributed a useful 30 runs!

cricket_2007_03Cap’n Nasaroc closes the Sydenham Town innings in sunlight!

This gave The Dolphin a challenging 6 an over to beat. Youth versus the Townies experience. Could they do it?

cricket_2007_04Freya opens for The Dolphin. Sydenham Town heroically keep eyes on the ball!

Capt’n Michael tried to distract us by playing the very stylish Freya. The Townies kept their field very close and tight which kept the score rate down. By the time the middle order took to the field the task of getting 114 to win looked very daunting.

Gradually the score rate racked up and it got closer and closer. By the 16th over it looked like The Dolphin would walk it. That’s when Cap’n Nasaroc put himself on and promptly took two wickets with two balls. When it came to the last ball The Dolphin had only equalled the Townies 113.

Could they score off the last ball? It was their Cap’n Michael, squire of the The Dolphin, that had to face triumph or derision from his staff. The Townies surrounded him to stop the single needed. Everybody held their breath.

cricket_2007_05Cap’n Michael awaits the final ball … draw or no draw?

And Michael slipped the ball through the field to claim victory!

Sydenham Town captain commented “What a finish! Scores tied with one ball to go and Michael of all people hits the winning run … but a replay is imminent”

Watch out on the Sydenham Town Website for time and date.


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