Sydenham Town wins CWDA Award


The CWDA is an association of community webmasters who nominated and voted on their favourite website.

We won 40% of the vote – but as that was only 10 votes – I think we shouldn’t let this rush too much to our heads! It is, however, an opportunity to visit and see how others portray their own communities.

The whole point of the CWDA and similar organisations is to encourage community websites to learn from each other. So enjoy a trip around the country and, if you see something that you think Sydenham Town should have, then do tell us about in the .

The other problem with awards is that it makes you feel guilty. The updates to the site have slowed recently due to pressure of work – the other design work pays for this website. So if we are to wear this award proudly some extra effort is called for.

We will try and refresh Sydenham Town over the next month or so. Any contribution on any topic relevant to SE26 is always very welcome and please do keep the as active as you wish the Town to be.

I almost forgot. There is a £20 prize. What should it be spent on?
… a round of drinks at the Dulwich Wood House?
… a very private bottle of my favourite malt?
… another book on Sydenham from the Kirkdale Bookshop?
… any more ideas?


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