Tube to Sydenham in 2030 .. maybe

Tube to Lower Sydenham

Today Transport for London announce the consultation for extending the Bakerllo line from its current terminus at the Elephant & Castle to Hayes and Beckenham Junction with a possible extension to Bromley.

The first part would be a tunnel to New Cross Gate and then joining existing Southeastern lines to Lewisham and Catford Bridge. Importantly for Sydenham is it would give direct access from Lower Sydenham to Central London, the West End and northwest London. For Sydenham Station users it should give an easier transfer to the tube network than via Canada Water (Jubilee) and Whitechapel (for District. H&C & Crossrail).

What could possibly go wrong? First – if they terminate at Lewisham to save money, secondly if too many Hayes line users object to losing their direct train service to the city. The latter may be countered by the transfer of services from the Hayes line will free up desperately needed capacity on the New Cross to London Bridge & Charing Cross rail sections.

Remember it is only consultation. Even if that goes well – they still have to find the money and boring tunnels south of the river is challenging. The current expectation is delivery in 2030. History tells us that is optimistic. Still the Overground to Sydenham gestated for many years. This plan has been on the books for decades. But this consultation is a definitive step forward.

Read all about it here:

Bakerloo Extension

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