Two of our Pterodactyls are Missing!


Have our flying dinosaurs flown away?

Sadly no Jurassic revival but after 150 years they became victims to 21st century vandals. The two Pterodactyls in Crystal Palace Park (pictured left above) were pushed into the lake in two seperate attacks on 29th December & January 2nd last. The poor birds were too heavy to be lifted back and were dismantled and taken away. They may be too badly smashed to be repaired.

Now you see them … now you don’t …


This adds to the sad state the Park has deteriorated to under Bromley’s stewardship. There is no night security in the park which is effectively open 24/7 as the remaining fencing has been left a derelict eyesore. Let’s hope the London Development Authority’s ideas of making this a safer, more secure park to be enjoyed at any hour. That’s if anything is left by the time custodianship is passed across to the LDA.

Below – only this week the bridge by the waterfall (that doesn’t work) had to be closed after vandals set fire to a plastic barrier …. while the famous nautical bell lost its brass plaques long ago …


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