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by mkoala
24 Aug 2018 06:45
Forum: Wanted
Topic: Recommendations: Reliable Builder?
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Re: Recommendations: Reliable Builder?

you're better off checking the east dulwich forum for recommendations
by mkoala
16 Apr 2018 19:56
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Planning - CAB unit change of use to restaurant
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Re: Planning - CAB unit change of use to restaurant

Thanks for this Am I right in thinking there will be 2 separate restaurants if agreed? One in the old wedding shop and one in the CAB I had just assumed the Nandos was going to take up both spaces. I for one am excited by the re-use of an empty shop although saddened by the loss of a CAB - when they...
by mkoala
17 Feb 2018 20:54
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Attention ladies: Eyebrow threading £5
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Re: Attention ladies: Eyebrow threading £5

They're in a shop a couple of doors before the new flats Zanara Court, i think the shop is used for something else as i saw lots of kids inside when i walked past today
by mkoala
6 Jan 2018 15:33
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Car Wing Mirror Theft
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Re: Car Wing Mirror Theft

We had this a couple of years ago on our mazda bongo, parked in the car park behind our block of flats. It was just the glass on one side so figured it was stolen to order
by mkoala
11 Nov 2017 05:39
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: New comedy club
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Re: New comedy club

Welcome to Sydenham, looking forward to opening

I vaguely remember a comedy night in crystal palace and went to a few nights at the Hub in forest hill.

From my limited knowledge there seems to be a lot of comedians based in south London so can't wait to see newer comedians and acts
by mkoala
12 Jun 2017 17:55
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: The Journey Cafe
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Re: The Journey Cafe

Stopped in Journeys Cafe on Saturday I really liked it, had a coffee and freshly made sandwich. Other half had a coffee and cake. I'll definitely go back, especially as the coffee is not that flowery stuff you get everywhere else. The bread in the sandwich was also yummy. The cake was nice, my partn...
by mkoala
16 Apr 2016 08:24
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Garage / Mechanic
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Re: Garage / Mechanic

I find Dartmouth road garage to always be excellent, there always busy with work but are friendly guys
by mkoala
16 Apr 2012 19:46
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Helicopter Over head
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Helicopter Over head

Hi all, Last night I was awoken by the sound of - what I believe was a police helicopter with a spot light flying around the top end of westwood hill/high level drive area at about midnight This evening I have also noted a helicopter circling the same area from about 7pm - 8.30pm. Wondered if anyone...
by mkoala
20 Aug 2011 21:11
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Mugging in Panmure Road
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Re: Mugging in Panmure Road

The criminal fraternity may well carry guns and knives - however I don't believe the majority of gun or knife crime is carried out on passers by (although I apologise if I'm wrong) From the news reports I've read and seen it seems the individuals most at risk of being stabbed or shot and the victims...
by mkoala
24 Jul 2011 18:15
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Photography Club
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Photography Club

I was just wondering if there was one in the Sydenham vicinity? If not how many people would be interested? The idea could be something along the lines of having a new topic every week, fortnight, month? and go out and take photographs and then meet up on a regular basis (possibly at a local drinkin...
by mkoala
8 Jul 2011 17:15
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Quick question - Wells Park Estate
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Re: Quick question - Wells Park Estate

Sometimes it's just luck - because you can't control who lives next door - has she not been allowed to go for a viewing - she might get a better idea if she can ask the neighbours.
by mkoala
8 May 2011 20:51
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: New bakery in Kirkdale
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Re: New bakery in Kirkdale

Recently had a slice of the chocolate tart from the new bakery - which was quite large and very yummy. Today we tried some rye bread - which was very light and great with bacon this morning. Apparently they only just opened last week so I think they are still testing the waters - apparently they are...
by mkoala
11 Sep 2010 11:01
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Dartmouth Road?
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Re: Dartmouth Road?

Sorry to be pedantic :? but Gurhka's is more Nepalese than Indian - although I agree that it is very good.

There is a sister restaurant in Crystal Palace which is also good but the menu has less choice.