Urgently needed! Strong people to lift

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Urgently needed! Strong people to lift

Post by MagmaTimes »

Hi there

We are having new kitchen floor laid on Monday morning and need help with getting our kitchen furniture from the kitchen into the living room sometime this weekend.

Does anyone know of a local company or people who would be up for doing this? Cash waiting. My number is 07941 825 460.

We're in Sydenham, near the station


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Re: Urgently needed! Strong people to lift

Post by mosy »

When I was stronger, even as a woman I could move some things by tilting backwards and rolling as some things have back wheels, or walking them, with the addition of Mr Sheen to pave the way to slide them but clean it off promptly as obviously slippery). Not heavy things like a washing machine with its concrete block though.

I don't know of likely people but maybe someone will. You could try a man with van person. Probably cost about £40+ per hour or at least half as much again if two people needed. Or plead with the floor fitters, for a payment?

Fingers crossed.
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Re: Urgently needed! Strong people to lift

Post by RJM »

Does anyone you know have Magic Sliders https://www.amazon.co.uk/Reusable-Furni ... th=1&psc=1

I can move our washing machine on my own using them. If I can find them and you don't have a man with a van type to help, I can lend them.
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